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Optimus Alive 2014 Line Up

What more can someone ask for?!?!

Birdy. I don’t think the pictures do justice of how beautiful she was in person + her crazy crazy good (doesn’t seem like it’s coming from a 17 year old) voice 

P H O E N I X 

I have loved you ever since I first heard Lasso, 1901 and Too Young. Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix and Bankrupt are the two main albums that have stayed in my playlist for the longest time now. So seeing you guys, hearing you play, touching Thomas Mars (!!!) and be able to catch him and pass him on (?) as he crowd surfs and last but not the least, to be able to sing “I’d rather be alone!!” (c/o Entertainment) at the top of my lungs definitely, DEFINITELY made my life

Merci beaucoup PHOENIX! À bientôt!


Sofia Coppola is one lucky girl 

love love love

Maroon 5 Live in Manila 2012

September 18, 2012

My sister and I decided to buy tickets 2 days after the very first ticket was sold. I guess, we were very lucky since the concert was sold out in just a few weeks. 

So, moving forward to the exact day of the concert. My sister and I had to cut classes just to be there early so we can eat dinner, avoid traffic (which was impossible) and get a good parking slot, etc, etc. We left at 4:30 which was still pretty late ‘cause it was so traffic!! We didn’t get to eat dinner but it was a good thing that a new carpark building was constructed beside Araneta ‘cause then we can easily find parking and go straight to the Coliseum. 

We didn’t have to wait that long in line ‘cause only a few people were lined up for Patron. So we went straight to our seats and we were so relieved to see how near we were to the stage!

So we took a few pictures and waited for the opening act which is The CAB!

This is the 2nd time we’ve seen them this year. The first one was last March, they were part of the Smash Project 2012 alongside with Dashboard Confessional, Cobra Starship and The Used.

(This photo was taken last March, I deleted their pictures last night ‘cause there wasn’t enough space for Maroon 5’s videos :()

They sang:

  • Temporary Bliss
  • Bad
  • Bounce
  • Endlessly
  • Animal
  • La La

They’re also going back to the Philippines this weekend for their mall tour so I think a lot of people are quite happy about that.

Again.. We had to wait for a good 30 minutes or so for Maroon 5. By the time I looked back, Araneta was jampacked! Amazed to see that a lot of people availed of the standing room tickets as well.

When the lights dimmed, OH MY LORD. People started screaming (including myself) and there was a background sound of a telephone ringing pa so imagine the excitement of 15,000 people when Maroon 5 came out and they started to play Payphone. One of the most magical moments I have ever experienced. =))


  • Payphone
  • Don’t stop ‘til you get enough snippet
  • Makes Me Wonder
  • Lucky Strike
  • Sunday Morning
  • If I Never See Your Face Again
  • Wipe Your Eyes
  • Won’t Go Home Without You
  • Harder to Breathe
  • Wake Up Call
  • One More Night
  • Hands All Over
  • Misery
  • This Love
  • Guitar solo by Adam Levine

As usual, Maroon 5 left the stage na. And this is the part where the crowd chants WE.WANT.MORE! =)) We asked for more, in return we got more, indeed.


  • Seven Nations Army-James Valentine’s Solo on Adam Levine on drums
  • She Will Be Loved- which Adam dedicated for all the ladies daw
  • Stereo Hearts
  • Daylight
  • Don’t You Want Me
  • Sexy Back snippet
  • Moves Like Jagger (and a snippet of Oppa Gangnam Style) :))

It was so fun! But I was expecting more songs from the Overexposed album since it’s an Overexposed Tour after all. I think they only played 6 songs from the said album and the songs I really liked weren’t even included (e.g. Sad, The Man Who Never Lied, Love Somebody, Beautiful Goodbye). Siiiigh. I guess that’s okay since they also sang Wipe Your Eyes and most of their hits in their previous albums so… can’t really complain =)) 

Slept with a huge smile on my face!!

I’m dangerously, dangerously, dangerously in love
I love her more than I love myself and still that ain’t enough
If this’s a dream I don’t wanna wake up
We go together like the tub and the shower head above
Not even thousands and thousands of miles
Could amount to my love I’d have countless sky miles
I’d climb up a mountain, climb right back down
I’d run across the world and jog back around
Noun and a verb is just a sound
And a word is not profound enough to show my urge for her smile
I’d shout on a curb with a loudspeaker
‘Till the entire town heard how I felt

Lovelier than you- B.o.B

Ed Sheeran- iTunes Festival 2012 ›

The vid of Ed Sheeran’s performance (full set) last September 2 in the iTunes Festival.

What a guy this guy….. Seriously.

I may have shed a tear or two when he sang give me love, small bump and the a team.

And then, he started singing chasing cars :( and freakin Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol comes out of nowhere.. 



Give Me Love




Grade 8

Small Bump

The City


Be My Husband

Kiss Me

Lego House


The A Team

Chasing Cars

You need me, I don’t need you

Current on-the-go

Lasso- Phoenix

The man who never lied- Maroon 5


Small Bump- Ed Sheeran

Autumn Leaves-Ed Sheeran

Sad- Maroon 5

Lisztomania- Phoenix

The Fighter- Gym Class Heroes

New York- Snow Patrol

Terrible Love- Birdy

Rally- Phoenix

Miss you- Foster the people

Girlfriend- Phoenix

What you know- Two Door Cinema Club

Hall of fame- The Script

I’m still waiting for the script’s 3rd album to come out…

And also, iTunes Festival 2012!! What I’d give to be there right now

Playlist 1 ›

So Good- B.o.B

Skinny Love- Birdy

Drunk- Ed Sheeran

Titanium- David Guetta feat. Sia

Beggin- Madcon

Eyes Wide Open- Gotye

Monday Morning- Death Cab for Cutie

March 6- 5PM

Downloading songs for SMASH on Thursday while tweeting and reblogging pictures. For the first time in a long time I don’t have to do anything school related (aka they’re not due anytime soon) Yay me! After this, I just have to buy a few things in the mall and go home and tweet and reblog and… the rest I have yet to find out. Toodles!